About Dinozor Apps

Hello and welcome to Dinozor Apps.

It makes us happy to be on our site.

As Dinosaur Apps, we try to produce useful and fun applications. We continue to serve you with our fun and time-saving ideas.

About the developer and founder
“Hello, Şerif, I love making Android apps. I tried to develop useful and fun apps. I am very new in the software field yet. Obviously, while reading your comments in the app store, I have both fun and what I can do better. I have come a long way since the first app was released. Your support and I believe that better work will emerge with your comments. ”

Why Dinozor (Dinosaur)
I am new to this job and this name has emerged with the effect of starting a business from scratch and another effect of my imagination. Dinosaur is natural. Dinosaur learns and reminds the past …

Thank you for your time and reading.

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Live happy, have fun ..


Developer  Şerif Çiçekdağ

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