About DinozorApps: Welcome to DinozorApps. Your visit to our site makes us happy. As DinozorApps, we are trying to produce useful and fun applications. If you need help, you can write without hesitation.


Hello, I tried to make useful and fun apps and websites. I’m very new to the software world. Before I started this work, I enjoyed reading reviews in an app store and decided to do something. It’s been a long time since my first app was released. Thank you very much for using our apps.

Şerif Çiçekdağ | DinozorApps

Our goal

DinozorApps’ goal is to make applications that are both fun and useful.


If you want to see the applications, you can visit our store page in the Google Play Store. DinozorApps produces free applications. Live happy, have fun! DinozorApps on Play Store

On Youtube

youtube.com/@dinozorapps/ youtube.com/@alotelefonsakasi