Telefon Şakası App

Phone Prank

We made a fun Phone Prank that you can have fun among friends. It consists mainly of Turkish modes, but for now we have added English and cat modes …
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Alo Telefon Şakası App


Turkish Call Jokes AloSaka Next generation funny pranks. The person you are calling is currently unavailable. And more in this application. New phone prank fun between friends. ALOSAKA Call …
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Ses Şakası - SoundJoke


SoundJoke App: This app is designed to make jokes by imitating machine sounds. SoundJoke pranks Make phone jokes with machine sounds. Shaving. Cutting hair. Straighten the beard. Turn on …
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Fast Delete App - SosyalHesapSil

Fast Delete

Fast Delete App: Now is the time to delete your social accounts. This Fast Erase App is at your service. The easiest way to delete your accounts together. We …
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Delete App - SosyalHesapSil

Delete App

Social media accounts take too much time? Do you want to take a break? This Account Deletion Application makes it easy. There are over 50 popular social media account …
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