Respect for developers

Respect for developers on Play Store 😇

We download and use many useful applications every day from the Play Store. Even if you are Mark Zuckerberg, you use dozens of other apps. While using it, let’s not withhold support and a small thank you to the people who produce that application to continue their work and keep the product on the market.

How can I support or thank the manufacturers? Very easy:

1- When giving points, give the score it deserves. 😇
2- When I write a comment, I add the nice aspects 👍

In this way, the developer reaches a healthier information. This healthy and informed information will return to you as a bridge of water. Bad and negative comments are of no use. You just tire yourself and stress.

If there is a problem, we can write this to the Developer Email address at the bottom of the application we are experiencing, at the desired length.

This is a more precise problem-solving method.

A problem with your device does not occur in the entire Android ecosystem, and there may be those who accept and maintain what you say in the comment correctly. Your problem belongs to you.

Very easy to solve, contact the developers directly. send a message.