Respect for Developers

Many useful applications are downloaded every day in the Play Store. We use these applications for useful and entertaining purposes. As a developer, we have a few good suggestions. We want to support the creation of a more useful scoring system in app stores.

There may be problems during application development stages. And these problems may reflect on you. We closely monitor the evolution of problems, and sometimes an improvement is invented because of an issue. We do our best to solve any problems that arise. Thank you for your understanding.

When using applications

Support the people producing the application to work in progress and keep the product on the market. Also, don’t forget to thank.

How can I support developers?

It’s easy to do. This has a few short steps. Thanks and suggestions are important steps. Reviews don’t always have to be bad. Although some comments are funny.

1- Give an app the score it deserves.

2- Bring together the positive and negative aspects while writing a comment.

3. Just say thank you.

4. Do not insult the developers or other commenters.

5. Add the good ideas you have in mind to the comment.

Thus, developers have a healthier information. This healthy and informed information will come back to you in positive ways.

Report a problem if there is a problem

Negative reviews don’t help motivate a developer.

If a problem occurs while using the app, go to the comment section on the app page in the store and write. You can write to the developer email address at the bottom of the same page. Add the problem to the app comments. It will be useful information for other users experiencing the same problem. Also, the developer will be informed to solve the incident.

Contact developer

Contact the developer directly to resolve issues faster. Feel free to send a message. Sending a message is a more precise problem solving method.

Ask for support to resolve your issue. The developers want to help you. And please don’t forget. Developers can do better with your support.

Write comments

We would be happy if you would like to comment on the applications we developed.

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