When posting comments on Play Store

Google Play review comments Google asks you to follow the rules below. We have published it before and we want to say it once again because it is important to us. It is in our best interest to comply for a better Android Market experience. An app with the right reviews helps us find exactly what you are looking for. You can skip this beautiful application you are looking for because of errors and comments outside the subject and be deprived of fun. Google Play is very sensitive on this issue and underlines them. Let’s spread out a little bit to get a glimpse of the items and magnify the focus with the signs and focus attention.

You are ready, we start 🙂

Comment posting policy When commenting on an app, please adhere to the following policies: Stay tuned. Comments should be about the app you are reviewing. Do not add game or affiliate codes, email addresses or links to your review.

Don’t post fake comments to raise or lower ratings. Do not post content that contains sexually explicit or profane content.

Do not post content that is harassing, hateful, threatening or harassing other users.

Do not impersonate any person or make false statements or misleading information that you are related to a person or organization.

Do not post private and / or confidential information about yourself or anyone else, including a public address, driver ID number, or other information not publicly available.
You may also want to follow these guidelines and tips:

Keep what you write legible. Do not use capital letters or punctuation more than necessary.

Publish clear, valuable and honest information.

Try to indicate both positive and negative aspects.

Be nice to others, don’t be aggressive.

Follow the grammar rules and check your spelling.

Try to make your comments helpful and informative.

Source: Google Play

Dear friends, these rules have been created as a result of long work and experience, and it is in everyone’s best interest. Give us good and critical comments.

We look forward to your help, your scores and comments to provide a better service.