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Social account deletion links, social time calculation and analysis. With Social Meter

Fast Deleter

Account deletion links

You can easily delete your accounts with the account deletion information and links of 5 popular social media in the Quick Delete application.

How to delete accounts?

Tap the account you want to delete.

The link opens in your web browser on your device. (Or how it was deleted with its own mobile app)

Sign in to your account with the site or app.

Read the information and instructions carefully before deleting your account on the page that opens.

Social Meter

Calculate lost time with social media. With Social Meter you can calculate your daily, monthly, yearly social media usage time yourself.


The analysis section contains further calculations and recommendations for allocating daily spent hours to activities other than social media.

From here, you can learn the use of the application Facebook account deletion in 10 seconds video.

If you encounter a problem deleting a social account, you can write it down in the comments field in the app.

Downloaded Fast Delete App

You can download the Fast Delete App for free from the Google Play Store.