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Social media accounts take too much time? Do you want to take a break? This Account Deletion Application makes it easy. There are over 50 popular social media account delete links in the Social Account Remover app.

We also help you delete your social media accounts. If you have any problems during the account deletion phase, you can come to our website and write. We can help you.

We have prepared a video of Facebook account deletion in 10 seconds for you.

Delete Account: Social Account Deleter Android App

With this application, you can easily delete your most popular social media accounts. For example, permanently delete your Facebook account immediately. Disable your Twitter account. Or you can close your Instagram accounts within minutes. Account deletion links are ready.

Account Deletion Process

Social account deletion is different for each account. You will find short explanations in our application. Please read all warnings carefully before deleting your account. Because some deleted accounts cannot be recovered! Instead of searching for individual accounts, you’ll find almost all of them in one app. So you can easily delete your accounts.

What Happens When You Delete Your Social Accounts?

Creating more time. So you can focus more on what makes you happy. You will spend more time with the people you love.

What to do to Delete an Account?

1- This app offers a delete link for the account you want to delete.
2- Open the app and find that account. Press the button with the account name.
3- Your web browser opens. The website opens in your browser. (You should choose a web browser app if it’s not predefined.)
4- Enter your username and password without errors!
5- Account deletion section opens. (Read the instructions carefully!)
6- Find the confirmation button for account deletion. You will see a button named “OK” or “I Agree” or “Delete Account”. Click on that button. It’s done.

Caution Before Deleting Account!

Some accounts can be deleted completely.
Some accounts can only be deactivated.
You may need to fill out a form to delete some accounts.
You may need to send an email to delete some accounts.
Some accounts cannot be deleted.

We’ve added the redirect you need to each link. If you encounter an error, please contact us through the “Comment” field within the app. Or you can come to this site and use the comment fields.

Account Deleter ANDROİD APP

Download Delete Account App

This app is for you to create time for yourself. When you realize that you have spent too much time on social media, you will think that you should close these accounts. This will free you up when you download the app and delete your social accounts. And this freedom will make you happy.