Telefon Şakası - Phone Prank
Phone Prank

Make fun pranks with male and female voices in English, Spanish, French, Azerbaijani and Turkish.

Delete App - SosyalHesapSil
Delete Account App

Social account deletion links. Social media accounts can take a lot of your time. The necessary deletion links to easily close popular social media accounts are in this application.

Ses Şakası - SoundJoke
Sound Joke App

Make jokes with Sound Prank app, Hair shaver, Beard trimmer, Hair dryer, Vacuum cleaner, Blender and Toilet flusher.

Fast Delete App - SosyalHesapSil
Fast Delete – SosyalMetre

Social account deletion links, social time calculation and analysis.

Alo Telefon Şakası - Phone Prank
Alo Phone Prank

Making phone jokes with female voices. Joke with real human voice.

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